Society for Continuing Medical Education and Research is a Registered Society under 12th Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act of 1955 on 6th September 2000 with the following major aims and objectives:-

  • To organize Continuing Medical Education programmes in various medical specialties at State, National and International level.
  • To assist medical institutes to conduct special studies and to develop research projects.
  • To plan and execute research projects in various medical institutes
  • To avail of the expertise of faculty members from various nationally and internationally reputed Universities and Institutions etc.
  • To provide thesis guidance to Under Graduate and Post Graduate Medical students, M.Sc. Nursing students and Paramedical students.

The society currently carries out State, National & International level Continuing Medical Education Programs like Seminars, Conferences, Symposia & Workshops, conducting short term courses for doctors, nurses and other paramedical professionals like PALS, NALS etc. The Society in association with foreign universities like Irkutsk State Medical University and Peoples friends University, Russia, carries out Students exchanges programs, PhD programs, Internship programs and conducts of joint research projects. The Society is also responsible for carrying out the conduct of Institutional Human Ethics Committee of KIMS and thereby making sure that the Clinical Research Projects are run according to the Indian Council of Medical Research Guidelines.

SOCOMER Annual Reports of 2019, 2018 and 2017


Sl.No. Name of the programme Conducted by Dates


International level



KIMSFET-2018 Fetal Medicine 8th and 9th June 2018



Excel Paces 2018 Internal Medicine 1st to 4th Oct 2018


National level

1 CME on “Comprehensive Echo Doppler Evaluation Techniques (CEDET 2018)” Cardiology 13th & 14th Jan 2018
2 KIMS Laryngology Update 2018 ENT 15th April 2018


State level

1 CME on “Know your Antibiotics”. Internal CME 21st Jan 2018
2 CME on “Hemato-Oncology” General Medicine 3rd June 2018
3 CME on Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders Neonatology 5th June 2018



Principles of Fracture Management (Bone School) Orthopedics 12th Aug 2018
5 Teaching Programme on Neonatology case discussion Neonatology 3rd Nov 2018
6 STABLE program Neonatology 10th Dec 2018


Internal programmes

1 Research Methodology session on Meta-analysis and systematic review Neonatology 9th Jan 2018
2 Clinical club meeting Urology 17th Jan 2018
3 A Research Methodology session on “Sample Size estimation”. Neonatology 31st Jan 2018
4 Webcast on “New Developments in AF”. Cardiology 8th Feb 2018
5 Clinical Club Meeting



21st Feb 2018
6 Research Methodology session on “ROC Curve”. Neonatology 27th Feb 2018
7 CME on “Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy after Index ACS – DOT Imperative”. Cardiology 23rd Feb 2018

Research Methodology Session on “Case-control study”.


Neonatology 6th March 2018
9 Web symposium of RCPE on “Respiratory Medicine” 7th  March 2018
10 Clinicopathological meeting

Pathology /

General Surgery

7th March 2018
11 CME on “Initiating Insulin Therapy: Clinical benefit of new insulin Co-formulation” Endocrinology 8th March 2018
12 Cardiology Clinical Club Cardiology 8th March 2018
13 Workshop of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics  Cardiology 9th March 2018
14 CME on “Typhoid and Role of
Pediatric 15th March 2018.
15 Internal CME (CCM) on “Infection Disease”. Infection Disease 21st March 2018
16 Clinical Club Meeting Urology 21st March 2018
17 Cardiology CME On Experts recommend establishment of bleeding management policies for OACs (both VKAs and NOACs) to optimize outcomes Cardiology 31st March 2018
18 CME on “Heart Failure”. Cardiology 13th April 2018
19 Research Methodology Session on Errors In Statistics Neonatology 17th April 2018
20 Webcast on “NOACS in Atriel Fibrillation”. Cardiology 17th April 2018
21 Clinical Club Meeting Urology 18th April 2018
22 CME on “Conquering challenges in HF Evidence based approach” Cardiology 20th April 2018
23 CME on “INFANRIX HEXA Launch and BOOSTRIX from 4 yrs onwards” Pediatrics 24th April 2018
24 Research Methodology Session “Zotero – An online reference manager for research activities” Neonatology 24th April 2018
25 Webcast on “Master Class for Lyrica” Anesthesiology 27th April 2018
26 CME on “Revisiting the pathophysiology of Coronary Atherothrombosis and choice of OAPs in history of MI patient”. Cardiology 27th April 2018
27 CME on “Revisiting the pathophysiology of Coronary Atherothrombosis and choice of OAPs in history of MI patient”. Cardiology 30th April 2018

Research Methodology Session

on “Fine   Tuning of Thesis Protocol”

Neonatology 8th May 2018
29 Clinicopathological Meeting

Pathology /

General Surgery

9th May 2018
30 CME on “Management of CUTI and OPAT considerations”. Nephrology 11th May 2018
31 Internal CME on “Diagnostic tests and biomarkers in heart failure”. Cardiology 11th May 2018
32 Clinical Club Meeting Urology 16th May 2018
33 CME on “Involvement of clinicians in NABH & NABL related quality activities”. Pathology 17th May 2018

Research Methodology Session on “How to use Excel sheet correctly”


Neonatology 23rd May 2018
35 Internal CME on “Wilderness Medicine”. Emergency Department 23rd May 2018
36 Webcast on “Vaccination Action-2018” Neonatology & Pediatrics 29th May 2018
37 CME on “Case discussion session” Internal Medicine 2nd June 2018
38 CME on “Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders” Neonatology 5th June 2018
39 Clinicopathological  Meeting

Pathology /

General Surgery

6th June 2018
40 CME on “Emergency Life Support”. Emergency 9th June 2018
41 RCPE Web-symposium on “Infectious Disease”. General Medicine 14th June 2018

Research Methodology Session

on  “Sample size estimation”.

Neonatology 19th June 2018
43 Clinical Club Meeting Urology 20th June 2018
44 CME on “Benefits of TCV”. Neonatology 21st June 2018
45 Research Methodology Session on Discussion on deficiencies in Thesis Neonatology 3rd July 2018
46 Clinicopathological meeting

Pathology /

General Surgery

4th July 2018

Cardiology Clinical Club Meeting on

1. History and Clinical Findings

2. Investigations and Diagnosis

Cardiology 4th July 2018
48 Webcast on NOACS in Atrial Fibrillation Cardiology 4th July 2018
49 Internal CME  on role of beta blockers in hypertension and statins for primary prevention Cardiology 5th July 2018
50 Research Methodology Session on Discussion on Survival Analysis Neonatology 17th July 2018
51 Clinical Club Meeting Urology 18th July 2018
52 Internal CME on SGLT2 Inhibitors Cardiology 26th July 2018
53 Research Methodology Session on Thesis protocol workshop Neonatology 27th July 2018
54 Internal CME on “Practical approaches to advance diabetes care”. Endocrinology 8th Aug 2018
55 Internal CME on “Signs behind Asthma”. Pediatrics 9th Aug 2018
56 Special Talk on “Approach to Connective Tissue Diseases”. Rheumatology 10th Aug 2018
57 Internal CME on ERAS Protocol General Surgery 13th Aug 2018
58 Research Methodology Session  on Grade: Level of Evidence Neonatology 14th Aug 2018
59 Special on “Talk on Doctor before the law” SOCOMER 17th Aug 2018
60 Internal CME on “Clinical Audit & Quality Improvement – 2 Side of a Coin”. SOCOMER 18th Aug 2018
61 Research Methodology Session on “Forest Plot”. Neonatology 28th Aug 2018
62 Clinical Club Meeting Urology 29th Aug 2018
63 Webcast on “Optimizing Stroke Prevention in AF: From guidelines clinical practice”. Cardiology 30th Aug 2018
64 Webcast on “Decade with DPP 4 inhibitors in India – Myths to be busted yet”. Cardiology 30th Aug 2018
65 Research Methodology Class on “Systematic Review”. Neonatology 4th Sep 2018
66 Research Methodology Class on “Test of Significance”. Neonatology 11th Sep 2018
67 CME on “Endocrine problems in Neonates”. Pediatrics Endocrinology / Neonatology 15th Sep 2018
68 Clinical Club Meeting Urology 19th Sep 2018
69 Webcast on “High Intensity Statins in established CVD”. Cardiology 8th Oct 2018
70 Surgical Skill Training Workshop on “Bown Anastomosis, Episiotomy & Perineal repair, Knotting, Suturing & abdominal wall closure, basic lap & intra corporeal suturing”.

General Surgery



10th Oct 2018
71 Clinicopathological Meeting

Pathology /

General Surgery

10th Oct 2018
72 External Clinical Club Meeting on “Clinicopathological correlation”. Cardiology 15th Oct 2018
73 Clinical Club meeting Urology 17th Oct 2018
74 Research Methodology on “Test Significance”.



23rd Oct 2018
75 Internal CME on “In-Hospital Heart Failure”. Cardiology 26th Oct 2018
76 CME on “Cardiac arrest in pregnancy”. Emergency Medicine 13th Nov 2018
77 Research Methodology Class on “Diagnostic Study”. Neonatology 13th Nov 2018
78 World Prematurity Week 2018 Neonatology 15th Nov 2018
79 Clinical Club Meeting Urology 21st Nov 2018
80 Internal CME on “Exclusive Human Milk Diet”. Neonatology 23rd Nov 2018
81 Research Methodology Class on “Journal Club Diagnostic Study”. Neonatology 27th Nov 2018
82 Research Methodology Class on “Diagnostic Study Session-2”. Neonatology 4th Dec 2018
83 CME on “Hyponatremia: the Physiological basis of management – an interactive discussion”. Nephrology 12th Dec 2018
84 Clinical Club Meeting Urology 19th Dec 2018
85 Webcast of Asia-Pacific Association of Echocardiography on “Constrictive Pericarditis”. Cardiology 20th Dec 2018
86 Clinicopathological Meeting

Pathology /

General Surgery

20th Dec 2018

AHA Programmes


1 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 18th to 20th Jan 2018
2 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 31st Jan to 1st & 2nd Feb 2018
3 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 18th to 20th March 2018
4 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 5th to 7th April 2018
5 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 12th to 14th April 2018
6 AHA PALS Provider Course 21st & 22nd July 2018
7 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 3rd to 5th May 2018
8 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 28th to 30th May 2018
9 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 28th to 30th June 2018
10 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 5th to 7th July 2018
11 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 19th to 21st July 2018
12 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 2nd to 4th Aug 2018
13 AHA PALS Provider Course 10th and 11th Aug 2018
14 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Course 6th to 8th Sep 2018
15 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 26th to 28th  Oct 2018
16 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 1st to 3rd Nov 2018
17 AHA BLS & ACLS Instructor  Courses 30th Nov to 1st Dec 2018
18 AHA BLS & ACLS Provider Courses 6th to 8th Dec 2018
19 AHA PALS Provider Course 12th & 13th Dec 2018

For More Information Contact

Mr. Manoj M.T
Manager and Chief Social Worker
Phone: 04713041424